RELEASE: State and Local Leaders Across California Say No to Proposition 10 – September 5, 2018

SACRAMENTO — A bipartisan coalition of state, city and county officials from across California today urged voters to reject Proposition 10, the measure on the November ballot that would repeal the Costa-Hawkins Housing Act, including protections for tenants and single-family homeowners.

The state and local leaders say that Proposition 10 would hurt local budgets and will undermine the state’s efforts to tackle California’s affordable housing crisis by slowing the production of more units for low- and middle-income Californians.

“I have spent my adult life working to improve the lives of others, particularly those less fortunate, which is why I am opposed to Proposition 10,” said former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. “There is no doubt we need to make housing more affordable for Californians, but Proposition 10 will make our current situation worse, not better, by constricting future development of affordable units. California’s state and local elected officials should not be hamstrung with this misguided proposition, which is why I urge all Californians to vote No on Prop 10.”

California is in the midst of the nation’s worst housing affordability crisis. Proposition 10 will only make it worse by driving up construction costs and reducing supply, say the lawmakers.

“Fresno and the Central Valley have been hit hard by the housing affordability crisis that is gripping the entire state,” said Fresno Mayor Lee Brand. “Our vacancy rate is among the lowest in the entire nation. We are not building enough housing to keep up with increasing demand. Proposition 10 will make it harder for cities like Fresno to solve the affordability crisis by creating new roadblocks to building the housing we need to bring price relief to families looking for a safe, affordable place to live.”

According to the State’s independent Legislative Analyst (LAO), Proposition 10 would also hurt state and local governments by reducing property tax revenues by up to hundreds of millions of dollars, seriously impacting funds for local schools, public safety, transportation and critical public services.

Academics from U.C. Berkeley, Stanford, USC and other universities have warned that the radical rent control permitted under Proposition 10 could also lead to thousands of existing rental units being pulled off the rental market. That would make it even harder for residents who cannot afford to buy a home to find a safe, affordable place to live.

Proposition 10 is bad public policy that will worsen the state’s housing crisis and add to many of the problems proponents say they are trying to solve. That’s why elected leaders from communities across California are joining the broad coalition of civil justice, labor, business, veterans and affordable housing organizations opposed to Proposition 10. Opposition to the measure includes the California Council for Affordable Housing, NAACP CA, The American Legion Department of California and the State Building and Construction Trades Council of California.

Below is a partial list of local elected officials who are opposed to Proposition 10:

  • Antonio Villaraigosa, former Mayor, City of Los Angeles
  • Lee Brand, Mayor, Fresno
  • Adam Gray, Assemblymember
  • Bill Quirk, Assemblymember
  • Jim Cooper, Assemblymember
  • Patrick O’Donnell, Assemblymember
  • Tom Daly, Assemblymember
  • Chuck Reed, former Mayor, City of San Jose
  • Tom Butt, Mayor, Richmond
  • Larry Stone, Assessor, Santa Clara County
  • Steve Brandau, Councilmember, City of Fresno
  • Fred Gaines, Mayor, Calabasas
  • Rudy Mendoza, Mayor, City of Woodlake
  • Rachelle Pastor Arizmendi, Mayor, Sierra Madre
  • Jorge Morales, Vice Mayor, South Gate
  • John Soria, Mayor Pro Tempore, City of Commerce
  • Ernest Dronenburg, Assessor, San Diego County
  • Tom Bordonaro, Assessor, San Luis Obispo County
  • Stephen Duckels, Assessor, Yuba County
  • Bonnie Gore, Vice Mayor, City of Roseville
  • Joe Patterson, Vice Mayor, City of Rocklin
  • John Aguilera, Deputy Mayor, City of Vista
  • David Canepa, Supervisor, San Mateo County
  • Dev Davis, Councilmember, San Jose
  • Hans Liang, Councilmember, Monterey Park
  • Janna Zurita, Councilmember, Compton
  • Jeff Gee, Councilmember, Redwood City
  • Clint Oliver, Councilmember, City of Fresno
  • Joe Goethals, Councilmember, San Mateo
  • Maureen Freschet, Councilmember, San Mateo
  • John Seybert, Councilmember, Redwood City
  • Johnny Khamis, Councilmember, San Jose
  • Larry Spicer, Councilmember, Monrovia
  • Mike O’Neill, Councilmember, Pacifica
  • Sue Vaterlaus, Councilmember, Pacifica
  • Lan Diep, Councilmember, City of San Jose
  • Kirk Uhler, Supervisor, Placer County
  • Sue Frost, Supervisor, Sacramento County
  • Brian Raymond, Councilmember, City of Atwater
  • John Valdivia, Councilmember, City of San Bernardino
  • Martin Devine, Councilmember, City of Hanford
  • Michael Zuccolillo, Councilmember, City of Paradise
  • Patrick Brenden, Councilmember, City of Huntington Beach
  • Stephanie McKenzie, Councilmember, City of Marysville

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