RELEASE: No on Prop 10 Campaign Launches Ads, September 12, 2018

Housing, Economic Experts Say It “Makes a Bad Problem Worse”

SACRAMENTO – Californians for Responsible Housing today released its first two television and digital advertisements against Proposition 10, the measure on the November ballot that repeals the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act, including protections for tenants and single-family homeowners.

The two, 30-second ads feature affordable housing experts that criticize Proposition 10 because “it makes a bad problem worse” and does “the opposite of what it promises.” The ads cite the nonpartisan Legislative Analyst Office, major news articles and newspaper editorials that conclude that Proposition 10 will result in a reduction in affordable housing construction, rent increases, and apartments and single-family homes being taken off the rental market.

The first advertisement features California Council for Affordable Housing Executive Director Pat Sabelhaus, who notes Proposition 10 is “deeply flawed” and “badly written.” He adds Prop 10 has “no provisions to treat homelessness nor build affordable housing.”

The second has Stanford University economist David Henderson of the Hoover Institution explaining Prop 10 “will reduce construction of affordable and middle class housing when we need it most” and “Prop 10 will take off rental housing off the market.” He adds that it will “reduce construction of middle class and affordable housing when we need it most and make it harder to find a place to live.”

The ads will run on both television and on digital platforms across the state beginning today. They were produced by California-based SCN Strategies.

Proposition 10 is opposed by both California gubernatorial candidates, the State Building Trades and Construction Council of California, California NAACP, the California Senior Advocates League, and more than a dozen veterans groups.

The ads can be viewed here: