About Prop 10

California is in the midst of a housing crisis. But the flawed Proposition 10 is the wrong way to provide more housing that is affordable for working Californians.

Independent academic experts from Stanford and UC Berkeley agree that Proposition 10 will reduce construction of affordable and middle-class housing when we need it most. The last thing California needs is a housing freeze.

Proposition 10 eliminates protections for homeowners. Homeowners who rent even a single room in their homes will be subject to permanent price controls enacted by local governments and unelected rent boards. These changes will reduce home values for middle-class families at a time when many are counting on their homes to help finance their retirement.

Proposition 10 will lead to more evictions and more landlords turning their apartments into condos or AirBnBs, raising prices for everyone.

It also allows localities to roll back existing renter protections and has no protections for seniors, veterans, renters, or people with disabilities.

While claiming to be an initiative aimed at helping renters and tenants, Proposition 10 is simply another backhanded attempt by Hollywood activist Michael Weinstein to stop the construction of new affordable housing. In 2016, Weinstein backed Measure S in Los Angeles, which would have halted new housing construction in one of the state’s most impacted and expensive housing markets.

The Los Angeles Times dismissed Weinstein’s anti-growth initiative as a “childish” effort that would “hurt Los Angeles in the long run by worsening the city’s housing crisis and stifling economic development.”

We should focus on better solutions for providing rent relief to Californians – including the housing bond, as well as increasing tax credits for renters and requiring developers and cities to build more affordable housing.

Vote NO on Proposition 10.